About Us

Eastwood Early Learning Centre and Kindergarten is family owned and operated located at 1 Timbarra Drive Eastwood Bairnsdale.

A passionate and experienced team of Educators and a dedicated, family-centered management team have assembled to provide an exceptionally supportive and nurturing play environment for your child, family and wider community.

Our mission

To continually improve a natural and creative environment where children feel supported and through play-based experiences they develop their emotional, social and intellectual life skills.

To provide a service where families feel part of a connected community.

Give passionate and enthusiastic Educators the opportunity to work in this enriched play environment.

Our programs and philosophies continue to be updated with what is best practice. We encourage and support Educators to build upon their current skill set with professional development throughout their time at Eastwood Early Learning Centre and Kindergarten. This ensures all role models in the child’s play environment learn and grow respectively.

Our Vision

To co-create a community space for children and their families.

To provide opportunities for meaningful relationships to be developed and nurtured between children, their families, and Educators.

For families to feel they can contribute and be supported within the growing community.