The Curriculum

Play is a vital part of a child’s life and is the way they make sense of their world. Play encourages healthy pathways for developing new skills, stimulating intellectual growth and independent learning.
We highly value open-ended play during our time with the children and this is the foundation for our daily experiences. It’s this spontaneous play and exploration that forms our emergent curriculum.

An emergent curriculum is one that builds upon the current interests of the children. Topics for study are captured from the children’s ideas and conversations, community or family events.

Each child’s unique style of learning is observed, respected and supported.

Every experience is an invitation and children are free to choose the activities they wish to explore.

Modelling how to grow and care for plants provides opportunities for children to develop important life skills and respect for the natural environment. Ongoing gardening projects throughout the year will give children a full circle insight into the life cycles of plants.

Supporting each other to create healthy and helpful habits when it comes to how we prepare and eat food.
Fresh, natural and nourishing foods give children the right fuel to play happily throughout their day. A plastic and package free lunchbox (nude foods) also encourages children to take responsibility for their waste management practices. We believe everyone contributes to the wellbeing of the Earth through each choice we make.  Children will be able to place fruit and vegetable scraps in the compost for our veggie garden.

Drinking fresh water is encouraged to keep children hydrated and to reduce tooth decay.

Each Educator is responsible for the organisation and documentation of the curriculum for their room under the guidance of the Centre Director and Management team.
Educators are allocated childfree time each week to plan for and evaluate each child’s ongoing development. This time is essential for the delivery of a high quality curriculum. Additional Educators may work at Eastwood Early Learning Centre and Kindergarten when children with additional needs attend to ensure an inclusive and supportive program.